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Financial Aid

Catholic education is the best investment we can make in the future of our children.

By investing in Catholic education, we provide our children with an academically-excellent, character-building, faith-focused education that simply cannot be matched in other academic environments. We equip students with a foundation that continues to influence them well beyond their preschool and grade school years.

Graduates of Catholic schools will become the virtuous leaders of tomorrow — leaders who seek greatness, show mercy, serve others and walk humbly with God. As Archbishop Bernard Hebda stated in his homily at our all-school Mass of the Holy Spirit in September 2016, Catholic education guides students beyond “good” to “great.” What a valuable gift we can choose to pass on to our children!

How to apply for financial aid:

If you want to invest in your child’s future through Catholic education, let’s find a way to make it a financially-feasible option. A variety of financial aid programs and scholarships are available, so we encourage you to schedule an appointment with your local Catholic school principal to discuss your options. Their answers and creative financial solutions may surprise you!


How will my family’s financial aid award be determined?

Financial aid awards are based on a number of factors including income and expenses, assets, family size and number of children attending the school. In most schools, families apply for financial aid through a third-party vendor. Once all applications are completed, all financial aid dollars are distributed to eligible families based on need.

Do financial aid awards need to be repaid?

NO. Financial aid awards are not loans and do not need to be repaid. They directly reduce the amount of tuition your family will be required to pay.

Do I need to be Catholic to receive financial aid?

At most schools, all families, regardless of ethnic background, religious affiliation or gender are considered for financial aid awards. Parish involvement, however, is encouraged at all Catholic schools.

Do I have to re-apply for financial aid every year?

YES. Families must re-apply for financial aid each year because a family’s financial situation and a school’s funding ability are both subject to change each year.

Are schools’ financial aid awards based on my child’s grades?

NO. Awards are based on your family’s financial situation.

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